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The following documentation is currently available:

Texinfo documentation

XaoS comes with texinfo file containing file format description and programer's documentation. You might also use an online HTML version of this file.

Supported Platforms

System Requirements

XaoS uses floating point math for its calculations. This may be slow on some computers. The program was developed on a Pentium running at 120 MHz, but it can work quite well on a 486Dx/2. Nice letters have been received from users using XaoS on 386/40 or similar. A co-processor is really required. A faster computer is better so an Alpha/600MHZ is recommended. RS/6000's have also been found to be fast enough.

To compile XaoS you will need an ANSI compliant compiler with good optimizations. The UN*X version uses a configure script. Other platforms use different compilation methods. GNU CC is highly recommended since that is what it was developed under. Graphics drivers usually have some additional requirements. (For example X libraries for X11, djgpp and Allegro for DOS port, etc...) Also, fast malloc/free routines are recomended because they are called quite often (10 times per frame)!

Known Bugs/Limitations

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