XaoS - Features

Fast smooth interactive real-time zooming

Even on 486! XaoS works with a special algorithm which makes zooming incredible fast up to to 64051194700380384 times and unzooming more than 1267966761981568116729735090176 times.

13 fractal formulas

Including the Mandelbrot set (power 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6), the Octo fractal, two types of Barnsley's fractals, the Newton fractal (order 3 and 4), Phoenix and Magnet (1 and 2). Both Mandelbrot and Julia forms can be displayed. Fast Julia preview!

Enhanced user interface

Autopilot, real-time image rotation. Dynamic resolution.

Saving/restoring facilities

PNG, position and animation saving/restoring.

Detailed documentation

A detailed documentation is available for absolute beginners. A must reading for everybody who deals with fractals! In addition, more than 50 examples are included in the standard package.

Multiple language support
The tutorials are available in English, French, Czech, German, Spanish and Hungarian languages.


10 outcoloring modes + 10 incoloring modes are available with 10 additional true-color coloring modes. Color cycling. Three different algorithms for random palettes. 8 bpp, hicolor, realcolor, black & white and truecolor (24 or 32 bpp) support. Dithering on devices w/o user defined palette.

Fast calculations

Boundary detection, solid guessing, periodicity checking, unrolled calculation loops are built-in for the highest available speed. SMP support.

A wide range of available platforms and graphics drivers

POSIX systems (Linux) with threads API support, Windows, BeOS, plan9. SVGAlib driver which supports non-standard monitor sizes. An AA driver that provides high quality ascii art rendering at many platforms (see AA-project homepage at aa-project.sf.net).

Post calculation filters

Motion blur. Random dot stereograms in animation. Interlace filter. Two types of edge detection filters. Starfield generator. Emboss. Palette emulation filter.

Copyright (C) 1996-2004 Jan Hubicka, Thomas Marsh, Zoltan Kovacs and others (xaos-discuss at lists.sf.net)
http://xaos.sf.net. XaoS is a part of the GNU Project and hosted by SourceForge.

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