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Downloadable material

Jan created some MNG movies back in the late 1990s. Probably you want to download them before you try XaoS running on your PC. Here you are:

The first movie is An introduction and the Mandelbrot set (4 minutes, 3.5 MB), another version of it contains only the chapter about the Mandelbrot set in a higher quality with some additional animations (4.9 MB).

The second movie shows the correspondence between Julia and Mandelbrot sets (2 minutes, 2.5 MB). The third one is a zooming-out movie of the Newton fractal (1 minute, 1.3 MB).

The fourth animation shows a Julia morphing of a Barnsley fractal (20 seconds, 1.8 MB). A similar, fifth animation is also available (20 seconds, 1 MB).

Our recommendation

The best choice is to download XaoS, because it is pretty sure that your own computer can do similar or much better animations in real time using this software. :-)

Introduction and the Mandelbrot set (#1)

Julia and Mandelbrot sets (#2)

The Newton fractal (#3)

A Barnsley animation (#4)

Another Barnsley animation (#5)

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http://xaos.sf.net. XaoS is a part of the GNU Project and hosted by SourceForge.

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